Calculus II

Spring 2018

Administrative Matters

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Course Policy
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Course assessment consists of the following Classroom policy Academic Integrity (Cheating policy)

Any act of academic dishonesty will be dealt with by applying the most stringent penalties permitted. Cheating includes but is not limited to receiving help during exams and submitting homework without properly acknowledging persons who assisted you. Please read carefully the Policy on Academic Integrity posted on the CUNY website with URL

How to do well in class

The general guideline is that you must take an active approach to learning mathematics. You are expected to:

  1. Ensure that you have all the fundamental of mathematics taught in previous courses (for examples, basic algebraic manipulation, solving equation, taking derivatives and trigonometry identities, ...). Make sure to spend time everyday to review on those things if you are not yet comfortable or confident with them. As an example, if you are not confident with quotient rule, look it up in the book and recite it everyday and compute derivative of a random quotient of functions to see how it work. Check your answer with services like
  2. Prepare before class, for example, by reading the textbook and go through the examples in the book before class. See what you don't understand and ask for explanation as I go through the example in the lecture
  3. Do the exercises I wrote on the board by yourself; those are problems that will help you understand the method and technique.

Academic Calendar Adjustment

Course Material

Basic mathematical notation and proper way to perform substitution
Summary for Chapter 6
Summary for Chapter 7
Review of Conic Sections
Rotation of Axes
Exam 1
Exam 2
Exam 3