Some Windows 10 Tips

I discover accidentally

Quick shut down

Open command prompt and type the command powercfg.exe /hibernate off

Limiting background activity

Open Settings and look for Battery Saver and turn on battery saver always by putting the slider to 100%. According to Microsoft, battery saver mode will limit background download, push notification, etc. This will disable some malicious applications.

Prevent automatic updates

Windows 10 (as of Fall 2017 update) will not download update if the network connection is a metered connection (i.e. data plan) or the device is in battery saver mode. Obviously, the device can't download update if there is no network connection. Unfortunately, some version of Windows does not allow you to set a WiFi connection as "metered" so the more reliable method is to turn on Battery Saver always. Note that batter saver will be turned off automatically if you plug in. As a mathematician, given this information, I can't help but arrive at the following logical solution:

  • Turn on battery saver always so update will not be downloaded when you are not charging;
  • Turn off WiFi when you are charging.
This will ensure that update will never be downloaded; by virtue of the principle of excluded middle.