Lawrence Vu

Personal Mathematics


  1. p-adic Hermitian Maass lift [In progress]
  2. Hermitian Maass lift for general level, Journal of Number Theory, 2019


Automorphic Forms Learning Seminar (Fall 2018)
Automorphic Forms Learning Seminar (Spring 2018)


  1. 32nd Automorphic Forms Workshop, March 19-22, 2018, Tufts University. Hermitian Maass lift for General Level Slides

Mathematics Notes

When I took my first Math course in college, my professor said that "The only person who can teach you mathematics is yourself." and I took that philosophy to heart. As I learn more Maths, I realize how true it is: One needs to realize mathematical constructions and patterns by himself/herself to come to understand it.

My personal take to mathematics is more algorithmic.

These notes are my attempt to make an optimal guide to learn various part of algebraic number theory. Optimality is subject to assessment and might vary from person to person. My emphasis is due to my personal principle: learn how to perform various computations, see the pattern for oneself and abstract out the result.

Algebraic Number Theory (Add later)
Class Field Theory (Add later)
Algebraic Geometry (Add later)

Some old expositions

Lambda calculus
Elementary method to count number of representations of a number in quadratic forms

Software Tools I Recommend

I can't live without TeX and Git. (See here for Git tips. For TeX, I recommend LawTeX app for Windows 10 for its ease of use; it also comes with a handy productivity boosting feature to recompile document as you paused writing so you can "instantly" preview the result.)

I like Maple and Mathematica a lot. And I used WolframAlpha for many purposes.


CCNY, Fall 2017, Math 19500 Precalculus
CCNY, Spring 2018, Math 20200 Calculus II